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Frequently Asked Questions

The HELPcard® is easy to use. We take care of billing and collection so your valuable time can be better spent on your business’ specialty. We have state-of-the-art online services and friendly phone staff who are ready to assist you quickly and efficiently.
The HELPcard® is used nationwide by thousands of merchants and cardholders across the United States.
Funds will be electronically deposited into your bank account within two business days (less service fee).
Consumers will complete a simple, short application. You will then submit their application to us via phone, fax, or online application. Within minutes (or seconds, if you use the online application), a line of credit will be granted to qualified applicants. This credit line can be used immediately.
When you enroll in The HELPcard®, your office is assigned to a dedicated Account Manager. We provide your staff with personalized training, including tips on how to present financial options and helpful presentation tools. Your practice will receive all needed ongoing supplies free of charge.
Your consumers will be set up with a line of credit that is appropriate to their ability to pay. While promotional plans often require a minimum charge amount, standard charges will have no minimums or maximums as long as the consumer has the available credit.
The HELPcard® proactively searches for ways to approve your customers – both those with great credit and those with less than perfect credit. Since we have decades of experience tailoring programs based on the needs of our merchants, you do not have to change your processes to use our program. We will give you a program that fits in your already-developed setting.
Major credit cards are a wonderful way to grow your business, and we strongly believe that you should continue to provide your consumers the option of using such cards. However, there are many opportunities that you cannot take advantage of using existing programs provided through major credit cards. The HELPcard® can be tailored to fit the needs of your business. Examples of customizations include promotional plans such as deferred or reduced interest.
No. Your program with The HELPcard® is non-recourse to you regardless of consumer credit worthiness. Any issues that are strictly related to payment will not be your responsibility.
Because The HELPcard® offers different programs designed to meet the specific needs of our merchants, discount rates vary. Please contact us at (877) 834-0550 to find out more.